Nursery reaping benefits of Optidrive E3

imageA problem at a horticultural nursery, which threatened to disrupt growing operations, has been solved thanks to the installation of Optidrive E3 variable frequency drives from Invertek – and is also saving the company money into the bargain.

To deal with the issue, 380 variable frequency Optidrive E3 drives were supplied.

These control the power to the ventilation systems in the roof and side walls of seven large multi-span tunnels that house the growing operation.

Optidrive E3 is designed for supreme ease of use. Simply power on and the drive is up and running, providing precise motor control and energy savings using the factory settings. Providing precise and reliable control for IE2, IE3 & IE4 motors, the Optidrive E3 is suitable for all motor types: Induction Motors (IM), Permanent Magnet Motors (PM), Brushless DC Motors (BLDC) and Synchronous Reluctance Motors (SynRM).

The firm was advised to use the Optidrive E3 drives because the startup current on the nursery’s existing supply was so strong that it could have could have led to power cuts at any time by tripping the circuit breaker.

Kes Beech, Technical Manager at Invertek, said: “In this industry it’s essential that temperatures in the growing tunnels are kept between specific limits to enable the crops to grow to the best of their ability and this would have been severely affected by any such power losses, even resulting in no crops at all. The existing startup current was also putting a lot of strain on mechanical parts in the electrical system which again could have led to disruption in growing if any of them had broken down.

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Invertek variable frequency drives steal show at global marine event

Invertek Drives USA received an exceptionally high number of quality enquiries regarding our variable frequency drives at the recent Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo which took place in Florida.
The latest product developments from Invertek Drives were showcased to key decision makers from the global marine industry including the high-performance Optidrive P2, Optidrive ECO Pump and the brand new general purpose Optidrive E3.

The latter is the latest drive to be released - delivering reliability, high performance and efficiency in a compact, easy to use unit which is ideal for marine environments – and proved to be a big draw among those attending the event.

Tim Perfetto, Head of Invertek Drives USA, who attended the event, said “The international shipping industry has been hit by far-reaching legislation which penalises those with high CO2 emissions. By matching the speed of the motor with the needs of the application,Optidrives can significantly reduce these emissions and thus lower these tax bills.

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Power electronics is pumping oil for offshore platforms in the gulf of Mexico


  • The first installation for PEMEX with a Dual-ESP encapsulated system and powered by Power Electronics Medium Voltage variable speed drives.

  • Power Electronics will partner with PEMEX to achieve 150 000 barrels of crude oil extraction per day in the first stage of the oil fields in KUMAZA Ayatsil.

Power Electronics has successfully completed the installation of the first of its 31 Medium Voltage XMV660 drives which will be allocated to Ayatsil-A, Ayatsil-B, Ayatsil-C, Zaap-E y Maloob-A platforms located in Sonda Campeche in the Gulf of Mexico..

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